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    Without laying blame squarely on Emilson Cribari and Albano Bizzarri, which is not easy, Lazio's new European dream is now looking distinctly foggy having not taken advantage of the many decent chances that winged their way within minutes of Foggia joining the fray. Cross shots whizzed by Gustafsson from Pasqualino's pace and passing skills as if the Lazio strikers were targeting the far post. Zárate and Cruz have their own cases to answer. Stefan Lichtsteiner's abortion of a clearance at the weekend which presented David Trezeguet with Juve's 94th. minute second, was carbon copied by Cribari here in the 93rd. He could not fathom how best to clear a harmless cross which fell straight to him. Hoof it up into row Z or control and clear. Neither. Reacting slowly, Crib headed the bouncing ball down into the ground, teeing up Marc Janko who scored with ease. The adverb 'slowly' does not recreate the scene, Emilson had time to run around the track, shoot a few basketballs and then clear the cross. Bizzarri had earlier gifted the Austrian's a barely deserved equalizer by colliding with Diakité from another innocuous ball into the box. Foggia swept home from 25 metres and his introduction was truly inspirational, but until defensive frailties are addressed, Lazio will remain vulnerable however well Muslera et al are playing. To win all your home games when competing in Europe is sacrosanct, and it's uphill all the way from here. Trips to Sofia, Villareal and Salzburg await and after seeing Lazio crumble in Borĺs, points will be inordinately tough to come by. Unless Mauro Zárate remembers how to play for his team instead of trying to negotiate Serie A defences on his own, he won't start scoring again wherever Ballardini plays him. Just one goal against IF Elsborg to his name this season. Perhaps the only solution is to play ten at the back in recupero. Parma to score in the 92nd. minute anyone?

FC SALZBURG Gustafsson, Schwegler, Sekagya, Afolabi, Ulmer, Tchoyi, Pokrivac (subbed: Cziommer 63), Schiemer, Leitgeb (subbed: Vladavic 73), Švento (subbed: Nelisse 80), Janko

Bizzarri, Lichtsteiner, Cribari, Diakité, Radu, Dabo (subbed: Foggia 46), Baronio, Matuzalém, Meghni (subbed: Eliseu 71), Cruz (subbed: Mauri 62), Zárate

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